What are the royalities on secondary sales?

The royalties are 5% which will be split evenly amongst team members and the community wallet.

What is the Gladiator Supply?

The Gladiator supply is TBD

What are the Gladiator classes?

- Ape
- Assassin
- Dragon
- Exxacutioner
- Samurai
- Tank

How will the weapons work?

There are 20 weapon classes to choose from. Any Gladiator can use any weapon. Each class has a preferred weapon type that will give them a class specific bonus when used. Each gladiator class interacts with each weapon differently. There are special bonuses to characters that use their preferred weapon class.

What are the weapon classes?

- Bladed Staff
- Bladed Whip
- Brass knuckles
- Chained Blade
- Claws Gauntlets
- Double Bladed Pole Arm
- Dual Wielded Lances
- Dual Wielded Small Axes
- Fire Katars
- Flail
- Flamberge Sword
- Flaming Lash
- Handheld Daggers
- Huge Axe
- Huge Club
- Huge Hammer
- Huge Sword
- Kabutowari
- Katana
- Long Mace
- Long Rod
- Medieval Axe
- Naginata
- Sai
- Scorching Axe
- Scythe
- Spear
- Spiky Club and Spiky Shield
- Tanto
- Throwing Daggers
- Wakizashiv

How will you access the game?

You must own a gladitator to enter the game.